Our story is set in a world where reality is malleable. Their fundamental truth. Hidden from everyday life, though not a well-kept secret. Traces are found in the whispers of youth, the writings on the walls, the ravings of madmen. Of battles fought in towers high, of those who walk in the neon night. Our […]

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Return of the Night

When the Full Moon album cover dropped, the first thing that struck me was that how conceptually different it was. Dreamcatcher’s previous covers were all in ornamental trims with exquisite details. Filled with mystical symbols like the feathers, the spider, and the bird. The new cover was done in something similar to dot matrix art. […]

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A Bright Star

You lived a full life, Shining brightly and taking care of all of us. Now you’re free from earthly bonds And now you’re one with the stars above. From heaven you’ll continue to watch over us. May you finally rest in peace. Thank you for everything, Lola.

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