Content Patch 2017

It’s a new year, why not try out something new? I posted about my intent to start a blog before and it got a relatively good response. So let’s get into it. For the introductory first post I’ll lay out some goals I want to accomplish with this blog as one of my resolutions.

To create more focused art. I feel like 2016 was really sloppy. Just random single doodles here and there. I want to make something that I can integrate my art into. More concepts and world-building projects using multiple pieces. I plan to have some cover art with each piece, even if it would be mostly text. My ArtStation gallery is here if you want to check it out It has my best ones from 2015 and then all of 2016.

To play with ideas. Throw them into a wall and see what sticks. Bounce them around. To connect and communicate whatever I can come up with. Getting these ideas out of my head and into (digital) paper would make room for even more crazy ideas. I started a Twitter account on the later half of last year here It’s been doing well. The dev community is amazing at sharing and getting eyes on indie games. I like the bots over there.

To practice writing. I have been always somewhat confident with my writing and grammar… To the point where it nearly screwed me up on college where I found out we were required to take two courses of English. Fortunately I had a very good teacher with great standards. My grades were lacking at first but I improved at the end with all those reaction papers we had to write. The books we read also had good values so that was a plus. These days I rarely get to write long-form content, save for a few dev blog posts at work. A few years back I was even writing my own tabletop role playing system and story. I have to get back into that.

To keep a schedule. Avoiding a lot of days where I’d just sit around watching videos would be nice. I should write drafts more on the mornings then polish them later. A steady stream of weekly content, maybe themed days or multiple series of posts. If there’s nothing new I have a backlog of books, comics and shows I can write reviews for.

I’ll leave you with this, which is actually the source of the tagline in Japanese on the site title. Gurren Lagann will always be great.

If there’s a wall in our way, we’ll destroy it.
If there isn’t a path, then we carve one ourselves.


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