Movies Are Awesome.

We shouldn’t let anybody tell us what or what not to enjoy. I think everyone needs to be able to form their own opinions on the media they choose to consume.

I like going to the kind of sci-fi movies that critics downvote to oblivion and are sometimes box office flops. To name a few: Transcendence, Lucy, Gods Of Egypt, Independence Day, Reign of Fire, and 47 Ronin. If you think my taste in movies is terrible then maybe you should stop reading.

The cinemas are spacious when I go see them. Seriously, they’ll be lucky if they can fill 1/3 of the seats on a showing. It’s kind of a peaceful experience.

Sometimes we become too critical with movies. I think the suspension of disbelief is too often forgotten, especially for science fiction. Complaints of people behaving unrealistically are what I hear the most. Well, they aren’t real and they aren’t supposed to be in our world; they might have their own rules.

I appreciate the art and effort that was put to work to make them. I follow a lot of digital artists and the digital art industry. Most of these artists dream to create concepts for films and video games. See that ship over there on the corner? Someone was very happy to have made that. Don’t forget the army of visual effects artists that go into rendering each frame of a movie too. Oftentimes these concepts are highly original and different. I like to see those first. Maybe the next movie I’ll watch will have a hidden gem.

The stories that they tell can be sources of inspiration. No matter how badly ridden with plot holes they may be, if there’s even one thing that screams ‘cool’ in it then I’m glad to have seen it. I like writers that want to tell their own takes and put their own spins into tried concepts. These new and interesting ideas need an audience. It’s a bit tiring to go see formulaic blockbusters. Entire worlds are created for these movies to take place in; from ancient fantasies to cyberpunk dystopias. Each piece of lore and landscape was crafted carefully. If I collect enough of them, maybe I can make my own some day too.

Thousands of people made these movies possible for us to experience. Let’s just sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch.

2 thoughts on “Movies Are Awesome.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly and I enjoyed many of the movies you listed as well. Nowadays I try to stay away from critics review of movies, as they always seem to favor one kind of movie, the one that is going to win this years Oscars. When I go in to see 47 Ronin or Gods of Egypt I don’t focus on the plot or the characters, but on the world that is created by the amazing visual effects people. I even enjoy watching the Transformers movies, the more crazy the better, although I don’t think they have to be 3 hours long, as Michael Bay seems to fancy with his newest films. Watching amazing visual effects is fun for a time, but if you start artificially extending your movie it gets tiresome.

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    1. Yeah. Thanks! Egypt and Ronin are great examples. Fantasy Japan is awesome with Tengu Monks, Draconic beasts, and fox witches. Egypt with mechs? Ra on a spaceship fighting a sentient black hole? Thank the artists for those.


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