Why don’t we just make Games?

I haven’t touched gameplay code in about 2 weeks. We’ve delayed the game’s launch by those 2 weeks.

What have I been working on? Anything else but the game. I got stuck on iOS build iteration fixing ad networks. Half of the days just waiting for long compile times. This week I’m adding more online features. And you know what? Even the Android compiler is fed up and refuses to build. We’ve hit the 65536 method limit on Dalvik.

So at this moment, I have to figure out what to do with this problem.

We could’ve released just a premium game but that was considered too risky. It’s our first indie game and we need to make some amount of profit back. So it was decided that we had to be f2p. And f2p means having alternative systems to get people to spend. Maybe too much systems.

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