Previously on: Global Game Jams.

I went  to my first game jam on 2013. It was within a year of finishing our internship so we decided to all join. For fun, and to test out what we learned. The plan was to stick it out for the entire event… but on the first night we got invited to the office and just played most of the time. But hey, we finished a game and it was a great learning experience.

The second time was 2014. Fresh out of graduation and a year into the job. I got to go with our senior devs and artists. This time we decided on actually going back to make our games because the venue was relatively smaller. There were a lot of people still at the office by the time the keynote ended. So we played board games. I think it was Super Dungeon Explorer and that was an awesome campaign. Anyway, with artists on the team we actually made something that looked nice. I was put into the lead dev spot too, and one of my seniors taught me: A dev can do a week’s worth of stuff within a few hours of the deadline. The ending of the event was kind of long-winded, though. Lots of speeches from major sponsors that lasted for hours before the major awards began.

Those were fun nonetheless. After not going for two years, I tried again this year. Are we getting too old for this? Stay tuned. The next posts will be post mortems. One for the Game, and another for the Jam.

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