The Black Garnets

Season 3 has struck me as even more cunning than the last one. So much that I couldn’t wait to do a writeup of some of the more prominent players this season. I’m only up to episode 9 as of writing this. The games have been brilliant, laid with more loopholes in the rules. The cast is smarter and more diverse than before too. The ones to learn the exploits first have gained the edge over the last matches.

Number One is really good at the games. When it comes to understanding, breaking down, and finding loopholes in the mechanics they are a cut above the others. But socially, One falters just like Two pointed out once. They thinks of the players as just pieces that they assume will only follow the most logical and efficient way to win. Sometimes not even considering their personal grudges and allegiances. One also often more childlike than the others.

Number Two was a surprise to me. I’ve seen them a few times on other variety shows as a guest and always as some form of comic relief. Even in the opening introductions Two presented themselves as just a lowly person; patronizing those who studied abroad in universities. Two touts around the title of just being a PC Bang owner. But when it came to the games, they were cunning and charismatic. Two uses their street smarts to outmaneuver those who showed some naivete.

A lot of comments on the previous episodes were pointing out that this season has been only a two-man show. It’s because of these two being very dominant in the games and made a pact to go to the finals together. They may see themselves as protagonists, but that is just painting themselves as threats that need to be eliminated. On the later episodes, however, we start to see their dominance challenged. Their plans no longer are carried out flawlessly, the other players are allying against them. The underdogs are starting to rise up, that makes for great stories.

Betrayal is a powerful weapon, but if that weapon fails to bring down your opponents, you will be faced with cold vengeance.

Genius lies dormant inside people in various forms. However, without the ability to believe in yourself, that genius will not reveal itself.

I want to teach them what defeat is like. If I give them a taste of defeat when they desperately want to win, I thought it might serve as a foundation for them to mature as a person and become even more successful.

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