The Arrival and the Story of Your Life.

The book and the movie are two very different interpretations of the same concept. For me it was a very fascinating read about language, perception, and science.

I felt that the book was a more personal one, with the daughter’s story being interjected serving as a layman’s explanation for the discoveries being found. It also showed more of the metamorphosis of the mindset of our main character which leads into the ending. I really liked how they outlined the differences between the two species’ modes of perception. It was the most iconic part of the story, I thought it was highly original.

The movie focuses more on the global effects of the arrival, showing more world news clips in between. Contemporary media such as videos on the internet are also used to illustrate these. It shows the world thrown into the chaos of the first encounter. Leave it to Hollywood to add unnecessary explosions to a great story. I was actually disappointed that it diverted from the point of the original at the final parts. It just turned something that was so unique into a generic sci fi movie plot.

I would really recommend reading the short story then rewatching the movie again with a new perspective.


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