High Grade 1/144 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

Knight of the Iron Flower That Never Wilts.

Panel lines, waterslide decals, weathering, and top coat.

I have skipped on getting Barbatos kits because I was waiting for how the upgrades would look. When the Rex was revealed I was just turned off from it, and at that point I decided that the Lupus was the one to get. The additions to the design were just right and unique. When I read the box, it also said that the sharp curves were made to be able to deflect ballistic shots easily. My absolute favorite are the pauldrons that look really iconic to the suit. It’s just a very good good combination of feeling both savage and knightly.

For the color scheme, I wanted it to be just red and gold. I conceptualized it as a revived version of an ancient suit, so for weathering I decided on dusty or sandy colors. I also liked to make the white of the suit look warmer with the contrast from the panel line colors.

The first thing got rid off was the blue. I’m not really a fan of the lead Gundam tri-color scheme. I bought my first pairs of alligator clips for this build and they were extremely helpful. From holding individual pieces for priming, hand painting, and spraying top coat.

The details were all done in with a brush and Gold Leaf, I skipped on the silver parts.

I really did not like the length and shape of the original side skirts. They looked like tiny wings that didn’t fit in with the suit. I decided to cut parts of them off, with just my cutters, knife, and file. If I had messed up, I was comfortable with not having them either. Fortunately, they turned out still usable for the build.

Panel lining was done with a wash instead of markers. The colors I just mixed by eye with some water and detergent. I used Medium Sea Gray, Gold Leaf, and a bit of Permanent Orange. I liked how the color turned out in the end and it just warmed up the whites nicely. Panel line cleanup was more tedious that I would have liked. I’m still using only 70% rubbing alcohol and that isn’t enough with just a cotton bud. That method leaves a lot more staining behind. I use cloth and alcohol more often because it removes more cleanly. I would like to test out other cleaning solutions on later builds.

The waterslide decal set I used for this one is mostly the from the MG Shenlong. It had a lot of reds that were great against the mostly white suit. The shapes looked good with the variety of text patterns. There were also a lot of left and right mirroring pieces that can be used all over the limbs. I used a lot more than my last build, I think. It looks like a ver. Ka pattern almost.

The topcoat is flat as usual. I did a lot of re-spraying over missed areas but it isn’t that noticeable because of the light coats.


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