The Modern Take on the Power Rangers.

The movie looked great. It sounded even better. The writing hits all the points the Power Rangers franchise stands for. It was awesome and I highly recommend seeing it.

At its core, the movie plays out like an 80’s or 90’s kids movie. You know, those ones with kids banding together going through an adventure? It’s a type of movie we hardly see these days. A standout recently was Stranger Things. The direction of the movie could have gone a lot of ways; more action, more CGI, pandering to nostalgia, to pop culture, etc. I’m glad it went with a great one; with a lot of heart. The highs of the movie were always grounded with a sense of adventure, while the lows ponder on real and modern issues.

Let’s discuss an elephant in the room a bit: the NotTeenagers. Actors that are obviously not in their teens. The trope of ‘five teenagers with attitude’ started by the first series is quite old. Even in the Super Sentai it wasn’t used a lot. The newer entries in the series moved away from that too. Still, it’s a great tongue-in-cheek reference.

The action didn’t really go to extreme levels of explosions and laser beams. The movie went on a more grounded sci-fi feel to their technology. So no flashy finishing moves and random explosions for you. Even in the civilian scenes it went realistic like in a thriller.

Humor in the dialogue was good. Like the TV series entries there was fourth-wall breaking and self-references. Just turn the maturity and sarcasm up a bit above little kids’ age. The characters responded like real people about real issues. Power Rangers has always been like PSA’s with some of their episodes. I was relieved it wasn’t quippy like some Marvel movies.

A good soundtrack will be there to escalate a scene, not take away attention from it. The movie has a lot of those moments. At times I wouldn’t even remember where it begins, just when it swells up. That’s just an example of how good it is. It’s not loud, it’s some awesome synth accompaniment that ties the entire movie together.


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