HG 1/144 Over Flag

There are quite a few nice surprises to it, but the kit is just a bit old and flawed. To start with the positives, I didn’t expect the multiple shades of black it came with. The frame joints are a darker and glossier plastic. The overall shapes of the suit are awesome and are quite unique. It also comes with the Union Flag’s rifle for a quick dual wielding kitbash.

The HG kit’s worst flaw for me would be the lack of polycaps and the material they used for the joints. I really messed up with the superglue on this one and it turns out it didn’t react well with the plastic. It was brittle unlike newer kits that used softer plastic that deformed a bit to form the joints. Too much glue and hasty snapping caused the hip joint to fuse and snap on me. Fortunately the piece was hollow and the side binders were connected so the fix isn’t difficult to perform and it didn’t look obvious at the end. The shoulders frustrated me because I couldn’t pose them properly. The unexpectedly looked good on their own, but they are terrible for holding the weapons. They already had white parts for some details but the stickers are just bad. They were too short and didn’t cover the pieces properly.

I added a lighter gray for the panel lines and rivets, inspired by another Over Flag build I saw. The decals break up the monotony, as usual. Handling it to top coat was very tedious. Mostly because of the black plastic. Any dust and imperfection just shows through more than with any other color. I might have over did it with the coats on some places because of all the nooks in the geometry. The legs and arms also didn’t have any holding area even with alligator clips, so I just held them up with toothpicks.

Despite the exhausting build process, the Over Flag just looks very striking when viewed on the right angles. The contrast of the clear orange visor against the matte black makes for a great signature look.

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