Ref Time – April

A roundup of this month’s references. Let’s make this a regular thing to recap and archive some great art.

Greg Tocchini. Low is one of the most visually striking graphics I’ve seen. From the slick lines to the vibrant colors. The underwater world it presents is just enthralling.


Sinix. One of my favorite Youtube artists. Watching his intro video and sketchbooks, you really see where he comes from. He’s been all around the internet before he settled into his self-taught art, and still he does other things like Gunpla too.

Kim Jung Gi. Started out the month with this Ghost In The Shell timelapse from the master himself.

John Grello. When you thought you’ve been doing well for yourself… ArtStation posts these ‘doodles’ on your feed. Awesome Youtube Channel with his Twitch streams too.

Zin Lim. This image got me hyped to paint again, really. Also check out the amazing Youtube channel full of process painting and tutorials.


Florent Farges. Take a look at this short and sweet explanation of painting Alla Prima.


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