What is Dreamcatcher’s Prequel about?

Dreamcatcher’s series of story-filled music videos continues with their Prequel comeback and their title Fly High. The debut, Chase Me, presents the girls as ghosts playfully taunting as they are being pursued by the Nightmare Hunter. Good Night is a feisty background to their battle and eventual triumph. The latest track is here to show us their origins: how lively girls were transformed into nightmares. But is there really a coherent story behind all of them or did the producers just drop us random breadcrumbs of creepy images?

I’ve looked at the lyrics for the other Dreamcatcher songs and they’ve all been quite straightforward. They are poetic yet clear in their messages. For some reason, I can’t quite put my finger on what the meaning of Fly High is. Is it because it was written by a different composer from the previous two titles? The English phrases in the lyrics are a few sticking points that I don’t get at all. What does ‘flying high’ and ‘faking it’ have to do with the story?

There are two distinct voices or tones that I hear from the lines of the song. First is the regretful and trapped voice. I can see this being the Before version of the girls. There is also the allusion of trying to stop time and being in forgotten times. There is an important part in the music video where JiU discovers the mirror and its effects of seemingly splitting their personalities into two worlds. After that scene she is seen running towards the gate to close it, preventing the curse from escaping.

The second voice has a clear evil and malefic tone but who the actual speaker is still eludes me. On one hand I think it’s the cursed spider spirit that is haunting them. On the other it could be the girls’ alter egos, the After versions. The voice’s lines all have the intent of trapping and taking away something or someone. The video leads us to believe that the girls were slowly being transformed into nightmares because YooHyeon killed the spider out of curiosity.

My current theory is that the song is a dialog between the Before and After versions of the girls. They speak of being possessed, but at the same time being the ones responsible for the possession and keeping it that way. ‘Faking it’ can be seen as a coping mechanism by the once-lively girls trying to survive and hoping to ‘fly high’ again.

The last point of confusion is about who the ‘You’ is in the lyrics, the second or third person in the conversation. The speaker talks about being lost in the subject’s dreams, wanting to fall asleep next to them, not being able to live without them. There are some lines where ‘you’ can refer to the After version of the girls and it really completes a dialog, but on some lines that distinction doesn’t fit.

Translated lyrics for reference: https://colorcodedlyrics.com/2017/07/dreamcatcher-fly-high-nalaolla

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