A Grimm Ending.

I remember watching the series teasers for Grimm years ago. Dark renditions of fairy tales really appeal to me because they are canvases for interesting ideas; taking familiar myths and melding them altogether into something new. In the last few weeks I’ve been binge-watching the entire series and I finally got to the end yesterday. The arc punctuated the series well and the ending felt great. I’m glad they brought it to a close properly.

The first season made a strong impression on me. The delivery was well paced. The moments of suspense and unease really struck. Grimm just pulled me into the world it was building slowly and carefully. There were pieces taken from all kinds of real stories, from all places. I especially liked how the Aswang or Tik-tik was handled as it also included bits of Filipino tropes in the episode. There were moments of fatigue, of course. That may just be the result of watching up to five episodes a day, though.

The show format was mostly Monster-of-the-Week, but it is also filled with proper character arcs and development. There’s always something weird happening to one of them in secret. The story-telling threads that intertwined through the episodes kept me watching. I noticed this more strongly here than in other series I’ve watched.

One subtle theme I liked best on the show was that of Sanity. A bit Lovecraftian, on how the unknown and incomprehensible are handled. It was more prevalent in the first few seasons as characters were exposed to the Wesen-side of the world. When someone is just not prepared to see, the mind breaks down. It tries to deny this new reality that was exposed suddenly. It cannot process the overload of new information. Different reactions to this were shown through the cast and it was interesting to see.

If there’s something I would nitpick about the series, it’s the shortage of some actual Grimms and their ancestry. Though, maybe it was a good thing to emphasize their rarity; in a sense. It was brought up a couple of episodes but not as much as Wesen species lore and Hexenbiest spell mishaps. Trubel was such a good addition to the cast. She presented a good opportunity for Nick’s growth as a mentor figure. She makes a good example for what other Grimms would be like growing up.

Those Grimm weapons need a lot more showcasing. They were mostly one-offs, which disappointed me. One time Nick had to ‘weapon-up’ to fight something. He grabs one axe. How cool would it have been for someone to show up decked-out in ancient Grimm blades and gear? Maybe Nick’s mom could have done it. The assassin vambrace was too cool. Then contrast that with Trubel and her Grimm bike with more modern Grimm tech. Would have been epic.

The last scene had a bit of that feeling. The legacy continues on through the siblings, plus the triplets. We’ve been given both a sense of closure and a glimpse into their future.


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