Starstruck With Symphony – Escape the ERA

Dreamcatcher is finally here with their heavily anticipated comeback. And all eyes are on them right now. They teased us something that would include more orchestral melodies and they sure did deliver. The sweeping symphonies take us on a journey back through the world of horror and mystery they’ve built up over the past year.

Designed for maximum impact, the album hits harder upfront with YOU AND I. The song is very intense, and coupled with the choreography – it’s their best foot forward for performances. This aggression is present on all of their title tracks. But you should never count out Dreamcatcher’s B-sides because I think this is where their albums shine. Those tracks are even a better showcase of their diverse vocal talents. Almost everyone you would ask has their own favorite and that’s just a testament to Dreamcatcher’s appeal – they can nail any genre.


Dreamcatcher continues their impressive streak of genre fusion with their take on a symphonic metal track set in an enchanting cadence. It begins by leading you in with its slower build-up, with a ballad-like quality meant to draw you into a trance. Then climaxing with their signature rock power chords to bring the spell to a close.

The choreography is by far their best. A piece of calculated storytelling in itself. Their dance weaves a narrative together with the lyrics. Just as how Dreamcatcher does – each movement sends a message. Even going the extra mile of complexity by having props for actual magic tricks. These stunning visuals are definitely leaving audiences awestruck after every stage.

My first impressions of this song are lasting so long. Oh how I would like to love it as much as others do. But I think I dug myself into genre fatigue with symphonic rock. There’s always a point where these types of songs all meld together to be sounding the same. The mix on the chorus just sounds has some heavy distortion that’s tough to get through when I try to reach into the instrumentals. A bit too much on the guitars here. This one part, more refined would do the song much better. The vocals hit an almost chant-like beat from beginning to end. Conceptually, it is great but that doesn’t really highlight their voices like the next songs do…


The song is filled with amazing little instrumental flourishes. Those pianos just before the chorus and the use of those synth notes really make those parts stand out. I like songs that hype themselves up. This is made on the same vein as Full Moon and Wake Up. It has that winding tempo that’s just the right pacing from verse to chorus. Vocals don’t hit as much hard stops as their title tracks, I really like how this is done. A very clean execution. I can keep this on loop more comfortably. Full Moon still places on top of all their songs for me so far, but this is a solid second.

어느 별 (Which a Star) 

Pop/Electronica with some retro flair. Absolutely a welcome palette cleanser from all these heavier tracks. It’s a nice ballad to chill out too. The song keeps the fusion concept for Dreamcatcher going and I wouldn’t mind them going in this direction a bit.

Scar (이 더럽고도 추한…)

After listening to this on loop… It sneaks in with some swelling string and riffs. Interestingly enough – this is the only song in the album from different composers. Is this possibly their audition for the next round Dreamcatcher albums? It’s a good bid that has their vocals are integrated very well.

Hearing about ‘the end of the Nightmare era’ brings out a tinge of bittersweet feelings but the ride has been a great one. As they said themselves, this is just a ‘comma’ in their story that will allow them go to new frontiers beyond imagination.

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