MG Astray Red Frame Kai x Caletvwlch

A refurbished build. I’ve decided to most of my older gunpla before buying new ones this year. A little backstory – the Astray Red Frame was one of my most wanted kits and I bought this one on my first month of building gunpla. The Tactical Arms II was just awesome.. and that one’s fitted to another kit right now. I wanted it enough that I got this from a buy/sell site because all the local stores didn’t have it. The Caletvwlch were also third-party offerings I got from a local con booth. They cost as much as the kit itself. This has been sitting in an open shelf gathering dust for four years. It was a straight build. Bare plastic and messy panel lining. Some of the white bits already had overexposure to UV that it already yellowed.

I cleaned my other three SD Unicorn kits a few weeks ago first. The basic tools were a larger duster, a camera lens cleaner, alcohol, cotton buds, and microfiber cloth. My research also turned up that Cleaning Gel/Slime was great to get into those smaller nooks and also has a bit of moisture to pick up dust build-ups. After thorough cleaning and disassembling I had some matte top coat left from a few years ago to finally finish up the kits. I don’t have sealed shelves yet so they all need to be re-dusted every few weekends. It gives me something to do while listening to podcasts.

Updated with the Tactical Arms IIL. Unfortunately, the unique pincer pieces both broke in more than a few places as I as cleaning them. The plastic material for the hinges and the joints became so brittle that they snapped after a bit of stress. I tried fixing the peg twice, but I didn’t have the tools for drilling and reinforcing it with metal bits. my last resort was to just superglue the entire fixture together. The broken hinges did still fit after a layer of hardened glue and topcoat. Enough for display purposes. Surprisingly, both of the arms fit into the action base perfectly to hold the kit up in two points without any issue. Makes for one solid rig.

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