GAT-X105+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike

Dragon Momoko’s 1/100 Sword Strike. It’s a third-party kit that not too bad. Plastic and fitting quality isn’t up to par with Bandai kits but it makes up for it in other departments. Their 1/100 kits boast ‘Perfect Grade detail in Master Grade scale’. They achieve this by basing their kits on resin customs made by highly skilled modelers. A bonus this kit comes with is extra parts in different colors. It comes with the signature Strike colored pieces done in blue, red, and black. The package also comes with some nice waterslide decals. A lot of decals. Enough for some ‘ver. Ka’ or RG level of density. Though, I opted to only use the Strike detailing and leave the others for use on my other kits.

I bought this kit back in 2015. I remember having it delivered to my office desk and hauling it all the way home on the train. It was one of Dragon Momoko’s first releases. And they’ve had some trouble with Bandai chasing them and shutting their factories down a few years back. I think they’re back at it again, though. Not sure if they are reprinting old kits, but they do have some newer revisions.

The only detailing I did years ago was priming and painting the Sword Pack armor parts to red and black. Very inconsistent with the color quality because I did the pieces in separate passes and the paint mix didn’t react the same way every time. The painted surfaces sort of faded with exposure and got some dust sticking to them permanently, making it even more problematic. I did break out some newer detailing with Titanium Gray paint apps and the waterslide decals just in one day. The poseable manipulators are too delicate to bother with. Feels like they could break any time, and it doesn’t help that the kit doesn’t come with fixed holding hands.

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