Dream of the Dark

​Originally drafted Feb 23 2018. Today is March 27 2019. Three days after Invitation from Nightmare City – Dreamcatcher In Manila.

The interplay between the supernatural and technology has always fascinated me. When dark fantasy is set in the contemporary or near-future. That middle ground where the two concepts meet just makes my mind wander in its possibilities. I am drawn to these themes in any form of media – be it literature, film, art, or even music. There is this certain charm when old legends and superstitions are channeled into the modern world. If such magics exist, will they evolve with our new mediums? Will science snuff out mysticism entirely? Or will there be a grand battle waged to settle the conflict once and for all? These are the kinds of stories I enjoy reading.

It’s safe to say that Dreamcatcher has taken over a part of me since I discovered them months ago. I’ve spent my time to writing, to creating art, learning new code – for them. They are such an amazing group and their fandom is just great to be a part of.

Above everything else I have utter respect and admiration for the one thing that Dreamcatcher does best – being true to their own fiction. This is an industry where groups’ concepts turn complete 180’s just to be part of the current trends, to sell you a product. Dreamcatcher stands tall on their own, apart from the crowd, and tries to tell you a horror story. Their concept team has proven themselves consistent across all the media they released. From the teasers, the music videos, and even b-sides. Each piece contributes to their fantasy. Dreamcatcher is like the Nier Automata of kpop. Awards keep being given to the same old AAA titles, but they get critical acclaim for being awesome and different.

Some may say that there are a lot of unanswered questions or random details that do not make sense; especially in the music videos. I think of those as visuals that add the needed noise and flavor to their canvas. Like a masterful painting that leads your eyes to the most important details with its masterful strokes and leaves out other parts in obscurity. This type of art proves quite effective in engaging an audience as it allows them to participate with its interpretation. They give us some things to process, some things to chew on. This gave way to the fan theories out there, to the fans analyzing every frame of detail.

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