HG MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein [Narrative Ver.]

The build quality for modern High Grade kits really improved over the years. With surface detail and articulation that can rival some old Master Grades. The first Sinanju Stein was released as a side-story variant unit in MG. The Stein had caught my eye since then with its sharp silhouette, proportions, and subdued colors. It is a massive suit but one of its hallmarks was its incredible speed. The soldier-like, minimal design is devoid of any fancy gimmick. The Stein looks like a machine that relies only on its raw power.

Canonically, the Stein that appears in the Gundam Narrative storyline is the second unit stolen by Neo Zeon. The first was fully converted into Full Frontal’s red Sinanju. This Stein differs from the first release with its brown-tinted inner frame, darker gray armor plating, and the Neo Zeon Sleeve engravings.

For my own additions, some metallic touches on bits of the joint pieces. The vernier thrusters are the highlights of the kit so all of them are done in titanum silver and red-orange interiors. Waterslide decals were a bit light and frontloaded. My years-old stock was finally I was running out. The red symmetrical markings really do well in breaking up the singular color on the armor. The torso area and the shoulders had the main focus. It is finished off with the usual flat clear coat.

The Stein is the first kit I’ve photographed in the new room with the new phone’s camera. I actually had this in mind when setting up my work area. The table is right beside the huge windows for some great natural lighting. The white walls provide the clean background. I learned a few things from playing around with the P30’s camera. It couldn’t actually do physical extreme close-up shots – it needed the super macro post-processing on. I also wondered why I wasn’t getting the exact shots I wanted by eye. It turns out that the 1x lens does some heavy perspective warping. You can see the difference when the kit is in the exact same pose but the legs appear narrower – it messes with kit’s proportions. This lens also forces some depth of field because I was shooting so close. The 3x lens didn’t have the warping issues. It was closer to what my eyes saw physically. I used it for the full-body shots to show off the kit’s proper silhouette. I just had to hold the camera further.

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