MG GAT-X303 Aegis

The Master Grade Aegis. Second to only the five MG’s I’ve built, finished way back in 2014. I’m sure it was my first ‘impulse buy’ kit and was way pricier than it should be. I didn’t know how often older kits were reprinted. I saw it on the shelf on the only hobby shop in the nearest mall – which actually closed down months later. Done on a weekend, photos taken on potato lighting and camera. At one point I tried to do some ‘weathering’ on it, with just acrylic gray paint. Didn’t turn out so well and the kit itself was just taken apart and shelved after. Now it’s cleaned and coated five years later.

First impressions of the Aegis was that it looked amazing – from the box art alone. It’s definitely one of my favorite suits from the colors to the concept. Looking back, the old line art didn’t really do the design justice. This rendition with its proportions just looks incredible. I wanted a kit that was mechanically intricate and detailed. And this fit the bill. That was the appeal of master grades after all. Inner frames and armor separation. Little did I know that transforming kits weren’t really Bandai’s strong points.

A lot of reviews knock it off for the transformation compromising the kit’s integrity and articulation. That’s understandable. The Aegis doesn’t even have a solid torso and waist construction to hold it all together. It looks hollow at some angles. I like their dedication to the gimmick, though. Even if I probably didn’t transform it more than twice. One thing to note is that I’ve never had this on its own dedicated action base and it still manages to keep upright without support with all its gear. Even with the weird construction the old heels can hold it up without mods.

After all that the Master Grade Aegis does what it needs to do. It’s an impressive display piece. The angles all look menacing in the right conditions. There’s just a lot of unique takes on this that I really like. The shoulder proportions, the coat-like side binders, back fins, the massive beam rifle, and those four blades. It gives off a real evil villain or assassin aura.

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