Back to the D.O.D.O.

The wind and rain is howling outside the windows, it’s a great time to go read some books. A few months ago I absolutely devoured all the Dresden Files series in eBooks. And I have yet to review them. On a side note – the author recently posted that he finished the draft for the […]

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Days on Dial-up

In the beginning there was only TV. And it was local cable TV in the province. Nothing fancy yet. We were slaves to the time slots. Weekday afternoons had anime, and for a time anime was even on prime time nights. Weekend morning cartoons too. I remember distinctly waking up at maybe 5AM on Sundays […]

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Dream of the Dark

​Originally drafted Feb 23 2018. Today is March 27 2019. Three days after Invitation from Nightmare City – Dreamcatcher In Manila. The interplay between the supernatural and technology has always fascinated me. When dark fantasy is set in the contemporary or near-future. That middle ground where the two concepts meet just makes my mind wander […]

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