Never trust the API

If there’s one thing I learned from my early mobile gamedev years, then it’s to keep code clean of any 3rd party APIs. From Ad Networks. They can’t be trusted, they are complicated black boxes from who-knows-where. Littering core logic code with API calls is a maintenance nightmare. Will the API need updating? What if […]

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Dev log: reaper.lite – Part 1

“As long as you painstakingly follow all the steps, it is 10 billion percent possible.That is science.” Senku, Dr. Stone In the last weekend, I finally finished the massive refactoring of my 2yr-old python webscraping project. It is now online in a repository, and the program has been divided up into proper modules. I now […]

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Chaotic AI in Games

The tiniest flap of a butterfly’s wing can cause a hurricane elsewhere. This is one of the more effective visualizations of what is more commonly known in popular culture as the Butterfly Effect. In formal theory it describes the sensitivity of dynamic systems to initial conditions. The smallest of changes may not be visibly different […]

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More Platforms, More Problems.

You can build for all the popular platforms, isn’t that just AMAZING? That same technology that enables you to reach all your target platforms will be the same ones that will come back and bite you. The truth is that it’s all hacky, magic, black boxes. I am pretty sure no single person knows how they […]

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