Carole and Tuesday, and AI

I’ve just finished watching the first cour of Carole and Tuesday. I always wanted to see a modern ‘music’ anime – as it’s one of the story ideas I’ve been toying around with. No complaints about the solid production and OST. But there’s really one thing that’s been bugging me throughout the first arc of […]

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Back to the D.O.D.O.

The wind and rain is howling outside the windows, it’s a great time to go read some books. A few months ago I absolutely devoured all the Dresden Files series in eBooks. And I have yet to review them. On a side note – the author recently posted that he finished the draft for the […]

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Choices – Bandersnatch

When games promise expansive stories these days, a question that always follows is how many different endings it has. From a player’s perspective – they have to gauge whether the game is worth the cost by the hours they could spend with it. That’s the replay value of the game coupled by the quality of […]

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A Grimm Ending.

I remember watching the series teasers for Grimm years ago. Dark renditions of fairy tales really appeal to me because they are canvases for interesting ideas; taking familiar myths and melding them altogether into something new. In the last few weeks I’ve been binge-watching the entire series and I finally got to the end yesterday. […]

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